Saturday, 27 June 2015


"It impacts me everyday" ...YASMIN AMIRAH is a 17 year old singer/ songwriter from South East London. Whilst conversing I asked her how long she has been singing for, she told me that she started 7 years ago, however she started recording when she was 15. We then spoke about who some of her favourite artist were; Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Erykah Badu were some of the female artist that she aspires to be like. I asked Yasmin what keeps her in the zone when she is song writing. She started of by saying that she usually has to be in a quite room or it could be the total opposite when she's out in a natural habitat where she is able to express herself. I find it very important to know what type of state of mind and environments a musician is in when writing because of course it will always complete the final product which is the song. Before speaking to Yasmin Amirah I listened to a few of her songs and covers on her Soundcloud and wanted to know what type of concepts she was going for, I asked her this during our interview and she told me that her songs are mainly about love and personal issues. This then made me ask about much music impacts her, "It impacts me everyday". Just from speaking to Yasmin I was able to understand that music literally lives through her veins, I was also able to to gain a feel of the type of old school R&B music she listened to whilst also relating this to the type of sounds that she's bringing to the industry. Yasmin then spoke to me about her plan b, we discussed her future plans about going  to university to study Criminology. I was definitely surprised by this, seeing as Criminology is the absolute opposite to music. Clearly she's not just voice she's brains too! 'Alternative Soul' is the title of Yasmin's EP which should be released in August 2015, She told me that its going to be a mash up of soul ,R&B and other genres of music. I'm greatly looking forward to this. Finally I asked Yasmin Amirah when she fell in love with singing. She told that she started singing when she was 10, but became serious about singing when she was 14 because people started complimenting her voice and the rest has been history. Yasmin's voice is extremely beautiful, easy to listen too and I wish her nothing but success. 

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