Saturday, 28 March 2015

LaRose with DC SCRIBBLA @ I Am Next

He's young but "you don't want this trouble" ... DC SCRIBBLA is tired of being slept on and tells me how hungry he is for his success. 
The 17 year old, British - American rapper is making a name for himself through the beauty of his art scribbled all over the mic, and i like it.

Dc Scribbla talks to me about the use of his American accent when he raps and how much people question, he simply believes that people should respect his art just as he respect theirs. Which is absolutely right! Artists are very sensitive about their music, gaining appreciation and recognition is the most important. I think a fact for every artist to know is that; sometimes listeners do not hear. But for Dc Scribbla, i'm hearing you. I think your accent gives you individuality especially because you make it known to people that you may have spent your early life in the US, however you are from Battersea, South London. 
I asked Dc what he is going to be bringing to the game, he said 'honesty, influence and just a representation of young people'. Tracks such as 'Trouble' and 'School' really came to my mind when he said this. His song 'Trouble' gave pure honesty, Dc Scribbla did not shy away about how he was coming for his place at the top, it may come across as violent which we also spoke about, but i think that if you are a listener who is really hearing then you will know that Dc just marked his territory. 

'School', represents how many young people feel, and i think that Dc being able to express that through a fun, hyped and light hearted track is super dope. 
Dc Scribbla's future goals were to keep inspiring people, shoot more videos and to get his short film done (which i greatly look forward to). I then finally asked him when did he fall in love with rap, he said when he was 9 years old in Canada, his cousin introduced him to Lupe Fiasco's The Cool, and from then its been history!  

It was incredible watching Dc Scribbla perform and was a pleasure speaking with him, his passion for his music is immense. Listeners make sure your hearing DC SCRIBBLA!!

To listen to the interview with Dc Scribbla -


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