Tuesday, 31 March 2015

LaRose with SHAUNA SHADAE @ I Am Next

"She always tells me, it's in my destiny" .... SHAUNA SHADAE is the 18 year old singer songwriter who dreams of becoming a legend one day, and with her mesmerising voice and stunning features (which is only a bonus) the right perseverance and consistency in making, singing and producing good music, i can see it all happening for her. 

Whilst speaking to Shauna, i learnt that she had been singing for four years and it was her competitive nature that made her start. Shauna wanted to be the best in her year group instead of being the second best, she told me that she never had the loudest, strongest and most confident voice until she really started practising and attending singing lessons to secure her place in the no.1 spot. As her confidence grew she was encouraged by her teacher to sing a solo at school, who also said that if she does not perform then she will be kicked off of her music course, undoubtedly he only had Shauna's best interest at heart and i'm assuming that she must be very thankful for that.

We also spoke about her mothers thoughts and feelings on the idea of Shauna wanting to pursue a singing career and unlike many mothers, Shauna's mother was all for it! In fact Shauna's mother told her to follow her dreams, that she would be supporting her 100%, whilst also letting her know that she does have talent and will be pushing her to follow this calling. I personally thought that this was such a beautiful thing to hear. Nothing is better then knowing that your mother whom as a child you make it your job to always please, is proud of your decisions and really believes in you. The world needs more mothers like this! 
I asked Shauna Shadae about how she began songwriting, what made her start and what type of songs she writes. She told me that again her song writing all came down to her self belief and motivation to be good at songwriting. She also let me know that she has been working on making her own beats and has been getting familiar with the skills to producing because she does not want to be another girl who can only sing and look good. We need more females that think like Shauna Shadae in the industry, she honestly sounds like she's in the making to becoming a real boss!

Finally i asked Shauna when she fell in love with music. "Probably from the womb", was her answer. She then let me in on another story. Shauna told me that her mother had told her, that when she was carrying Shauna, she used to talk to her tummy and say that she was going to be a singer one day, which is why she was named after the smooth jazz and soul singer Sade. At first Shauna wanted to be a lawyer but suddenly she began to fall in love with music, and as her mother says; it's in her destiny.

Shauna Shadae's performed with her live bang a cover of 'Beyonce ft Nicki Minaj - Flawless', everyone in the audience was entertained including myself. With the passion and drive that Shauna Shadae expressed to me during our interview, i truly believe that she is an artist who will make huge achievements. 

To listen to the interview with Shauna Shadae -

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- LaRose 

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