Saturday, 11 April 2015

LaRose with CHE LINGO @ I Am Next

"Passionate, over passionate and way too passionate" ... CHE LINGO is a rapper from South West London, Battersea and he is causing mayhem on the rap scene because of his dope flow and deep lyrics!

After doing my research on Che Lingo, i felt that it was important to ask him how he would personally describe himself; "Passionate, over passionate and way too passionate", was his reply. Before speaking with Che Lingo, i watched a few of his previous performances and 'Confident' was the only word that i could use to describe him. The way he interacts with his audience and his presence on stage in general is extremely confident.

Through his music Che Lingo speaks about his dreams and future accomplishments telling his audience that "obstacles are a myths". During our interview i asked Che Lingo about how much he thinks he has grown since his song 'My Spaceship' which was released in 2012. He told me that he has learnt great amounts, not just about music but also how to be himself and honing his skills as an artists, capitalising on the things he likes to express through his music whilst keeping his listeners happy.

A few weeks before Che Lingo and I spoke, SBTV dropped a warm up session by the man himself and it was INCREDIBLE! Che Lingo gained over 17,000 views and still counting. I questioned Che Lingo on his feelings towards the reaction to the warm up session. He told me that he couldn't of asked for better reviews, the video was blogged between 15-20 times within the first few days of the release, the video views were reaching highs of 10,000+ views during the first 4+ days, more people started to check out Che Lingo's 'BLACK FLOW (THE E TAPE)"released back in August 2014 and most importantly more listeners started to pay closer attention to Che Lingo.
Che Lingo feels that the industry is still treating him very new, but he likes it! He voiced to me that he has realised that bigger artist are hearing much more about him now however they have not completely "taken him in" yet, but he is gaining the greater recognition he deserves and is seeing that the industry is captivating a serious attitude towards his music. "It's nothing but gratitude" he says.

'Mausoleum' is the latest single by Che Lingo. Again SBTV debuted the official video for the track and it has had nothing but positive reviews 'the jazz tinted ode' is absolute perfection! TRIP is the acronym that Che Lingo lives and inspires by, it means 'The Risk Is Proof'. If not for all, then for many the music industry is a great risk to pursue a career in and after hearing this acronym from Che Lingo, i am ALL for it too! We can look forward to more visuals from Che this year and a brand new debut EP. 

Finally i asked Che Lingo when he fell in love with rap. He told me that he fell in love with Grime before he fell in love with rap, he informed me that his flows and skills are inspired and come from old grime that he used too and still listens to now. He revealed to me that Grime was his first love and it has now grown, matured and developed into what he is today! 

Che Lingo's headlining performance at I AM NEXT was impeccable, his pure and constant passion leaked, surrounded and emancipated in and throughout the room. I wish Che Lingo nothing but the greatest success whilst he is on his journey to building his Mausoleum #TRIP 

To listen to the interview with Che Lingo -

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