Saturday, 18 April 2015

LaRose with ANJELO DISIONS @ I Am Next

"I don't consider age as a boundary"... ANJELO DISIONS is a 15 year old singer and songwriter, who is making a name for himself within the industry. His soulful voice and prodigious sounds are more then captivating.

I asked Anjelo how it feels to be becoming so successful at such a young age. "It's humbling", was his reply, he then told me that he does not consider age as a boundary or an excuse. Could his response be more perfect? Anjelo is clearly portraying the thought process of someone who is dedicated and passionate about his work and there is nothing better then seeing this from someone who is young and talented.

Anjelo doesn't just sing, he also plays the guitar and i later learnt at the event that he always is able to play the piano too. I asked Disions when he began playing the guitar, he surprised me and said since he was 13. I was beyond impressed! Only two years of learning the craft and he is already extremely skilled. In fact the first time i saw Anjelo perform was when he was busking. I asked him why he decided to busk and he said its because he loves singing and it is a good way to get his music heard by the people. What i think is very confident about Anjelo busking is that many people mistake busking as a cry for money, whereas Anjelo simply wanted to be heard, and people have been responding positively to his music.

Marvin Gaye inspired artist, Anjelo speaks to me about his greatest achievement so far, we spoke about his gig at the Roundhouse in Camden, and his soon to come EP, 'The Awakening' (OUT ON THE 26th APRIL) . Anjelo expressed to me that he has been creating his EP since he was 13 years old! My first thoughts on this was what masterpiece is Anjelo creating!? And that his listeners are going to be able to really hear his growth throughout the EP.

Anjelo made it known to me that he; "just wants to get out there more, as an artist", and that he would love to see himself at the MOBO's, the BRITS and the GRAMMY's. For Anjelo there is no limit within his music and his success throughout this music. 

Finally i asked Anjelo Dision's when he fell in love with singing; "Ever since i could start singing", was Anjelo's response, he about around the ages of 3-4 when he began singing and has always loved music.

Anjelo Dision's performance at I AM NEXT was acoustic and nothing less then beautiful, his soulful voice created a smooth atmosphere within the room. Anjelo is young and has his mind set on his dream, from what i see he is going in right direction. All my best wishes are on Anjelo's side! 

To listen to the interview with Anjelo Disions -

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