Monday, 27 April 2015


"If you don't stand for nothing, its best if you stay seated"... Yeh Bwoy's finest GT SOLO from Croydon, South London, lights the flame with his Fire In The Streets. He raps about his drive, ambition and passion in reference to his music and lifestyle. 

GT Solo rhymes about people doubting him, whilst also letting them know that even on the inside they know he is outstanding. Clearly confident about himself and his music, GT Solo announces that he is the competition and that he is never going to stop until he reaches the top.

He's not part or stuck in the box, not a stereotype and is simply trying to show a whole different side to his borough. I personally love to know that a rapper is not trying to be like everyone else. GT Solo brings the qualities and characteristics of someone with of a different mind set. In his most recent music video for his track 'Near U', he shows his audience that dreams do come true whist devoting and dedicating his track to those with Ambition. 
As i have mentioned before in previous blogs, it's becoming rare to find UK rappers with a positive drive, who are rapping to inspire people but GT Solo is one of the few. 

'Day Dreaming 2' is GT Solo's most recent EP. It is a mixture of his gritty urban edge and his ambitious commercial aspirations. 'School Dayz' being my favourite track reminds me off a huge amount of experiences that i have had growing up and i know may other people could relate too, so check it out! 

GT (Great Talent) SOLO is on a persistent road to the top. His patience, drive and perseverance is one of a kind. So stay on top his tracks, as he continues to bring his fire. 

Watch GT SOLO's, FIRE IN THE STREETS with Charlie Sloth - 

Watch out for more blogs and interviews with YRS Jerzy, Jae Poet, Nadia Rose, Cat Burns and more! 

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