Monday, 4 May 2015

LaRose with JAE POET @ I Am Next

"I'm going to bring a fusion of music and poetry" ... JAE POET is the spoken word artist and singer who is bringing back the merge of song and poetry, and she's doing this with a bang. 

I asked Jae Poet how open she was regarding her music and her poetry, she then told me that, she is very open, that she thinks that it is important to be open because conveying her open life experiences to people can sometimes help others throughout their own experiences. 
I would count myself as a person who uses music to get through different personal experiences and struggles and I know that there are many other people like me, so I definitely think that Jae Poet is on the right track here.

Jae then told me that her poems are not always based around her own situations, after finding this out I then questioned her on her ability of becoming so deep in her work, she told me that "having the ability to empathise with people"  and putting herself in other peoples situations, helps her write about them. 

Who and what inspires you? Was the next question that I asked Jae Poet. "My mum inspires me", without being cheesy or cliche Jae spoke to me about how honest her mother is, in regards to her music, always letting her know what sounds best and what doesn't. 
I then asked Jae if she is picky when it comes to choosing the right beats to speak and sing over, because I have always thought that with poetry and spoken word, finding the perfect beat for the perfect lyrics is the most important. She let me know that she does think the same also because many spoken word artist can be mistaken for just another person trying to rap. 

We then spoke about the concept of her track 'DAMAGED'.Firstly Jae Poet told me that it is 'sort of' based around herself and is heightened in some parts. She also voiced to me that at the end of her performances she likes to tell the audience that she has not been hurt before, even though she has, simply because she does not want her audience to think that everything that she writes about is completely negative and that the general topic of 'Damaged' is about moving on.

A fusion of music and poetry is what Jae Poet is bringing to the industry, seeing as the last artist(s) to create music and poetry was the British duo 'Floetry' so I definitely think that Jae Poet has a seat waiting for her in the industry.

Finally I asked Jae Poet when she fell in love with poetry. "I've always been in love with poetry" was her reply. She then told me that when she was 10 and in primary school she entered a poetry competition, which resulted with the winner being published in a poetry book called 'Hullabaloo'. Jae wrote a 12 lined poem and won the competition and from then she fell in love with poetry. 

Jae Poet's performance at I AM NEXT was lyrical, engaging and mesmerising. Continue to watch with me Jae Poet's journey to bringing a fusion of music and poetry back. I look forward to it. 

To listen to the interview with Jae Poet -

- LaRose 


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